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"Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith."  Hebrews 13:7 (ESV)

Highpoint Episcopal Community Church thrives because of the energy, determination, and direction provided by members of our leadership team. We are most fortunate to be the beneficiary of their time and talents.  The following bios highlight a few of these remarkable people, who have helped make Highpoint unique:


The Reverend Ruth Pattison- Parson


The Rev. Ruth Pattison was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the third of four children, to Bill and Lucille Lindberg. Although young Ruth was raised in the Baptist church, her father was an organist and choirmaster in the Episcopal Church, which is where she discovered her love for liturgy and music. 

At the age of 25, Ruth moved to Columbus, Georgia to explore her own professional church life with a job, Christian Education and Youth Ministry, at Trinity Church. Ruth's love for the church continued to grow and ten years later, in 1994, she was ordained a priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta. Rev. Pattison has practiced her priesthood ever since with great joy and deep devotion, both for God and the people of God.  In 2017, her priestly efforts were recognized by the Diocese with her receiving the Bishop's Award.

Rev. Pattison's three beautiful children are nearly grown, two daughters in college and one son, a graduate of Auburn, is working in Atlanta. Husband Benno and Rev. Pattison married 5 years ago. He is the love of her life and together, they have discovered the truth of the phrase in the marriage liturgy that speaks of mutual joy. The Pattisons love to spend their time together to camp and fish, hike and bike, sing and dance, talk on the porch, drink coffee and write poems, stories, and sermons. (Benno, too, is a priest, adding that to the many things that they share in common.) Together they have six children; Benno's oldest son married in October, 2016.  

The Pattison family had the good fortune of traveling to Africa together in June, 2016 for a mission trip to Kenya. They culminated their work week with a safari in the Masai Mara. Their mission to find God in the world was successful. Rev. Ruth Pattison reports that "our souls are rich with new faces of the divine."  Since then, Rev. Pattison has led groups to tour the Holy Land (2017) and Ghana (2018).

Rev. Pattison can be reached by email at ruthpattison1@gmail.com or 706-905-8171.

The Very Reverend Lang Lowrey - Vicar 

.Lang Lowrey

The Very Rev. Canon Lang Lowrey serves as Vicar for Highpoint Episcopal Community Church.  His duties as Vicar often involve travel within the Diocese and Church at large to assist other Episcopal churches with a variety of needs, including work for the Episcopal Church nationally in property development projects and restructuring and turnaround opportunities. Canon Lowrey usually finds time to spend several weeks a month in Atlanta with the HECC congregation, preaching on Sundays and leading the Adult Christian Formation class. 


Following a successful business career leading two Fortune 500 companies, Lang responded to a call to ordained ministry. In 2004, he was ordained as an Episcopal priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta.  Soon, he put his business acumen to good use in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta  in a variety of situations and functions including serving at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Atlanta as Associate and Interim Rector and planting a new church and day school in the Diocese of Atlanta. This new start involved locating, financing and purchasing land, designing the facility, building the church, and most importantly, finding parishioners.  Canon Lowrey became the founding Vicar of St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church and Day School in Vinings, a highly successful church having over 1,000 parishioners in its congregation. Rev. Lowrey is Canon for Christian Enterprise in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta. 


Canon Lowrey is also Director of the Episcopal Studies Program, at Candler School of Theology and Professor of Practice at Emory University. Canon Lowrey attends to his teaching duties at the Candler School of Theology at Emory University, from which he graduated in 2004. In addition, he arranges and supervises contextual education for Episcopal students and recruits those who teach courses required for Episcopal students.       


From 2010 to 2013, Canon Lowrey served as interim president and then president of The General Theological Seminary ("GTS") of the Episcopal Church in New York City, where he led the institution through a period of broad-based restructuring and the development of new revenue streams.  "We believe Father Lowrey is uniquely qualified to lead the seminary in addressing its immediate challenges and to prepare the way for longer-term leadership beyond the interim period," said Dr. Michael Gilligan, chair of the board's search committee.   "Father Lowrey brings to GTS a unique combination of skills that match perfectly the Seminary's immediate institutional needs," said board chair the Rev. Canon Denis O'Pray. "He has high-level and proven abilities in the areas of management, finance, and administration while also possessing an in-depth knowledge of the Episcopal Church and its ordained ministry." In 2018, Canon Lowrey received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from GTS in recognition of his accomplishments while serving and leading GTS.


Canon Lowrey remains active in the business community and many different mission and outreach organizations. He is married to Julie and has four children and three grandchildren. 


Canon Lowrey can be reached by email at  PLangIII@msn.com or 404-727-4023.



The Rev. Antonio Brito - Assistant Rector

Hispanic Ministry, Our Lady of Guadalupe


The Rev. Antonio Brito was received as an Episcopal priest by Bishop of Atlanta J. Neil Alexander on Feb. 2, 2011, at St. David’s Episcopal Church. A graduate of a Roman Catholic seminary in the Dominican Republic, Rev. Brito leads the Hispanic Ministry at HECC and works part-time for the Diocese of Atlanta, dealing with its other Hispanic ministries. 


Rev. Brito can be reached by email at  abrito@stdavidchurch.org or 404-604-0064.



The Rev. Canon George K. Neequaye – Visiting Professor


 The Venerable Dr. George Kotei Neequaye (“Father George”) arrived in Atlanta on January 22nd  as an initial step in a broader relationship established by the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta with Ghana.  A few months ago, the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta established a sister relationship with the Diocese of Cape Coast, one of Ghana’s Anglican dioceses.  This initiative, under the leadership of Bishop Robert C. Wright, is already creating exciting experiences and opportunities for all Episcopalians in the Diocese to interact with Father George and to learn more about Ghana. To this end, the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta has partnered with the Candler School of Theology in hosting Father George as a Visiting Scholar during his sabbatical in Atlanta, which will help jumpstart the Diocese’s global mission with Ghana.  Adds Father George: “I will like to make a life time connection between HECC and my Church and the people of Ghana.” While in Atlanta, Father George will teach others about the true meaning of racial reconciliation. In addition to his scholarship, research, writing and teaching, Dr. Neequaye’s trip to Atlanta could be aptly labeled as a journey to explore how a Ghanaian connection might help our own community lead the way to more racial reconciliation, harmony, and healing in the African American community. 


Highpoint Episcopal Community Church is honored to serve as the host church and home-away-from-home for Father George during his stay in Atlanta. Father George has traveled to Atlanta as a Visiting Scholar on sabbatical from his hometown of Accra, Ghana, so that he can study and research at the Candler School of Theology at Emory University. During his seven-month stay in Atlanta, Father George will continue his research in moral philosophy, with an emphasis in African traditional ethics and Christian ethics, areas in which he is a well-known expert in his field of study.  He also intends to complete writing his current two books, which explore these and other subject areas.  Father George comments that the quietness of his flat at Highpoint Episcopal Community Church is an excellent place for him to study, read and write.


Father George has pastored numerous churches in Ghana, has been a member of many important religious committees, and has served in leadership positions in the Anglican Diocese of Accra. He teaches African Traditional Ethics, Christian ethics, African Traditional Religion, Liturgics and Worship at the Trinity Theological Seminary, Legon, where he has been the Vice President, Dean of Students, Chaplain and currently, the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Father George is also the Archdeacon of Accra Northeast and Chaplain of Christ Church, University of Ghana, Legon.  He is on leave from his 350-member church in Accra.

Father George is married to Esther, who works for Delta Airlines in Accra.  George and Esther are the proud parents of two sons, George, Jr. and Alan, and one daughter, Sharlene. 


Father George can be reached by email at gkneequaye@gmail.com or 571-343-8014.

Robert (“Bob”) Farrow - Seminarian 


Bob Farrow is a seminary student at Emory University’s Candler School of Theology and is a candidate for a Master of Divinity degree. He is following a heartfelt and lifelong desire to study theology, and is responding to what he feels is a “call to ministry.”  Bob serves as a deacon in training at Highpoint Episcopal Community Church and will be involved in all aspects of the church’s ministry and programs. 


Bob received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Auburn University. Even as a college student, he was drawn to the complexity of healthcare architecture as a means to help meet the needs of people in a very direct and dramatic way.  His social calling regarding hospital design is similar to the theological calling that he experienced later in life.  


Bob is a professionally licensed architect (AIA, LEED AP, FHFI) with over 44 years of professional experience in the architecture and construction industry, with a specialty in healthcare design. He is a sought-after lecturer and presenter at universities and national conferences/symposiums. Bob’s extensive experience includes comprehensive master planning, building design, and construction administration in both the private and government sectors. His projects have focused on healthcare delivery across the world. In addition, he is President/CEO of the not-for-profit organization, Health Facilities Institute.


 Bob can be reached by email at bob.farrow@emory.edu or 404-617-7878.

Lisa Van Tassel - Church Administrator

  IMG Lisa.1


Lisa was born and reared in the Atlanta Metro Area.  Describing herself as a "cradle Episcopalian," Lisa attended the Cathedral of St. Phillip in her youth.  She attended St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in Stone Mountain in the mid-1980s and was confirmed by then Bishop Judson Childs.  Lisa became a lifelong Acolyte at St. Michael’s, later becoming an Acolyte Master at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Calhoun for a few years.  While attending St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Lisa also received training as lay minister.   Lisa returned to the metro area and joined HECC in 2016, quickly becoming involved with the worshiping community.  Part of her duties at HECC involve handling all communications in the form of HECC's weekly newsletter and the Sunday Bulletins for each week.  Currently, Lisa is training to become a Verger for the community while serving as the acolyte at HECC.  For fun outside of her many Church activities, Lisa, an ardent drummer, joined a group of bagpipers and drummers, which practices at HECC's facilities each week and performs at funerals, weddings, and church services around the metro area.  Lisa reports that she really enjoys this ministry, as well.


Lisa may be reached by email at lisa@highpointepiscopalchurch.org or 678-767-5757. 


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