Children and Youth

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Children’s Formation

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First Communion

This section summarizes the book, “Aleluya! Amen,” which we use in the first communion classes, as well as a brief description of the class itself and why we offer it.

HECC offers our youth an Introduction to the book used in the first communion classes, Aleluya! Amen.  This book is about you and your Christian family -- the Church community. This book is designed to help you understand why we go to Church, and what we do here. In particular, Aleluya! Amen helps you join the very special event that underpins our Church liturgy: the Eucharist, or Holy Communion, the night before his crucifixion when Jesus shared with us his new life symbolized in the bread and wine that he offered to his disciples.

HECC has a priest who guides the Church service each Sunday, with the Eucharist being the highlight of the service. Holy Communion is a ceremony that we do together, and it is a confession that each of us does in one's heart. Aleluya! Amen will help you understand what the priest is doing and saying, and how you should respond.  And perhaps, we hope, this book will help you love God more and more, and mean it when you say: Aleluya! Amen.

Classes are scheduled whenever the need arises, usually on Sunday afternoons.



Youth Group

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EYC or Episcopal Youth Community discusses different topics and social issues that pertain to youth and helps them in their journey to Christian adulthood.

The Covenant that the group has written for our EYC community follows:

"As a community of faith we will strive to honor and commit to Christ by supporting one another and our community. We will strive to make this place welcoming to all who come and make newcomers feel like a part of our group. We will respect and honor the confidentiality of all people that share with us. We will PRAY for each other, FORGIVE each other, RESPECT each other, and LOVE each other through God’s strength."




Confirmation is when you reaffirm your baptismal covenant, either as a youth or even as an adult. You are making the decision for yourself to be a part of this community of faith. Because you have already been accepted as a member for the Church through baptism, confirmation is an opportunity for you to learn more about the faith tto which you belong. In our confirmation classes, we will discuss the various aspects of faith, the Holy Bible, the history of the church, and the structure of the church today. 

Classes are scheduled whenever the need arises, usually on Sunday afternoons.




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