~EpiscopalShieldLargeMembership in the Episcopal Church is established through Holy Baptism. The Service of Holy Baptism is offered on several Holy Days throughout the year.  

Those parishioners, who were baptized at an early age in another communion and have not made a mature affirmation of their baptism, may do so through Confirmation in the Episcopal Church. Parishioners baptized at a mature age in another communion may be received into the Episcopal Church by a bishop.

Transfer Your Membership to HECC

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Episcopalians who desire to transfer their membership registration to Highpoint Episcopal Community Church may do so by completing a transfer form available in the Church office for further processing. 




The service of reception is for those who have been both baptized and confirmed in another Christian denomination but who wish to become an Episcopalian. These persons would be "received" into the Episcopal Church at a service with a bishop. 



IMG Cross.1According to the Book of Common Prayer, "Confirmation is the rite in which we express a mature commitment to Christ, and receive strength from the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop." Confirmation is an "adult" affirmation of baptismal vows. Persons are confirmed at a service with a bishop.


At Highpoint Episcopal Community Church, our youth (ages 12 - 18) may enter into a confirmation class when they feel ready. Through confirmation, teenagers reaffirm the baptismal vows that their parents made for them when they were baptized as infants. Adults who wish to be confirmed are invited to meet with a priest. If a person is baptized as an adult, there is no need for Confirmation, as their baptism is already an expression of mature commitment.


 For more information, please contact the parish office at 404-252-3324.

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